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Shire Leasing Partnership

Being able to provide a finance quotation for our customers online is not new, in fact, it’s expected, as is the facility to make a decision online. However, at Shire Leasing, they have gone one step further to ensure that we at ZE Global have everything we need at our fingertips 24/7, so we can close the deal with our customers more easily.

We know that when it comes to closing the sale, the speed of a quotation and decision is important. That’s why we ensure that we can present our potential customer with all of the information they need quickly, get a fast decision, and when approved, provide the customer with an e-signatory tool and the deal is completed!!

With the integrated quotation tool, we can produce a quote quickly and send it directly to our customer inbox. The customer then has the opportunity to review the financial information and commitment before they proceed to a decision.

If this is of interest to you on any security, communications or life safety requirement then contact us at [email protected]