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First Major Fire Stopping Order

We are pleased to announce that ZE Global have received our first major fire stopping order from a client in Central London.

This project will involve the use of Firetherm products to provide fire stopping following major cabling works undertaken by a 3rd party.

Why we use Firetherm:

Firetherm are a true manufacturer of Fire-stopping products, this gives them total control and allows them to assure clients that the tested product is the product they will receive.

They manufacturer 95% of products from raw materials, employ their own chemists and retain formulations.

The R&D department are continually looking for innovations and new ways to ensure all products comply with current health and safety requirements.

They are inspected quarterly by Warrington Fire Research; this enables Firetherm to hold BS EN ISO 9001 certification and ensures that everything they make as identical to the tested product.