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Lenel 7.4 – Cloud deployable OnGuard system with browser-based client

OnGuard version 7.4 delivers a fully browser-based experience to many users. With both alarm and cardholder management available through web browsers, OnGuard users will be able to access the
platform using a computer, laptop, or tablet. The new OnGuard Monitor client provides installation-free alarm monitoring and management, allowing on-the-go viewing and acknowledging of alarms, and control of Lenel® access control hardware.

The OnGuard Credentials cardholder management client has been enhanced so that it better supports segmentation, allows active directory links to be created, facilitates the printing of lists, and saves searches and preferences.

OnGuard version 7.4 has also been validated by Lenel for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) deployment in Microsoft® Azure®, meaning little or no on-site software installation will be
required for simpler applications. For sophisticated applications with more complex needs, the OnGuard server can be deployed in the cloud, and users can still utilize Microsoft Windows®-based
OnGuard client applications when needed.

New bundles include OnGuard server software, as well as licenses for browser access to cardholder and/or alarm management. The new OnGuard Access Manager client works with the rewritten
OnGuard Cardholder Self Service version 2.0 module to allow automated access requests, in addition to PIN changes and scheduling visits. And, the OnGuard OpenAccess web-services RESTful API has been enhanced in this new version, making integration easier and more accessible than ever.